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aklfjasdkflsja thanks so much, it was soo cute and adorable! I loved it :D

You’re welcome & thank youu :) I tried not to make too long, but oh well xx

10. They find out you're a pole dancer *Request*

Liam: You & Liam had met at a club, of all places. Usually the people you met at clubs were rude guys, but Harry was different. You spent the whole night dancing with him and when you went back to his apartment you just cuddled. He was really sweet. Ever since then you had been dating for a couple of weeks but you never told him about your job. You were a pole dancer. The reason you were always at the club, because there was a room in the back for poledancing and strip teases. You were afraid to tell him because you thought he would leave you, so you decided to just keep it a secret. One night you had to work late so you texted him, "Sorry Hun, I have to work late! :(". You hated your job, but you had to get money somehow. When you walked out to see who you would be dancing for, your mouth dropped open when you saw a drunk Andy sitting there. "Oh my gosh... I can't do this... that's Liam's best friend," you thought. You tried to sneak out the back door but your boss caught you, "(Y/n), I don't know what you're up to, but unless you want to be fired, you better go out there and do what you're supposed to." You sighed and went out to work the pole. "He's probably so drunk he doesn't even know what he's doing here... let alone who I am...", you thought, trying to reassure yourself. Then you noticed he had his phone held up, he was taking pictures. If Liam ever saw those pictures, he would find out. You quickly finished up, then rushed to Liam's flat as soon as you were done. You walked in and found him in the bedroom, staring out the window. You stood in the doorway, looking down at your feet. He started, "How could you, (Y/n)?". You tried not to cry, "I'm sorry, Liam! I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid you would leave me. I need this job. I need money. You think I want to do this disgusting job? It's all I know how to do." You started crying and let the tears roll down your cheeks. Liam noticed you were crying, walked over to you and pulled you into his arms, "I'm sorry (Y/n), I didn't know. I wish you told me. I want you to tell me these things. I would never leave you for that. But, you're with me now. You don't need to work. Especially there." You looked up, at him and sniffled a bit, "Are you sure, babe? I just didn't want you to be ashamed of me." He stroked your hair, "I'm positive. The only person I'm ashamed of is myself for not realizing sooner." Your tears soon dried up knowing that, 1. You would never have to work that job again, and 2. You had the most amazing boyfriend in the world.

Harry: The whole time you and Harry had been dating, he never knew that you were a pole dancer. You actually liked pole dancing, you didn't think it was a bad job, you thought it was fun. Your bestfriend got into the business then told you about it, and when you tried it, you thought it was fun. Nobody really knew about the occupation though, because you knew no one would approve of it. When you moved into Harry's flat the only thing you were worried about was your pole. You had to have a pole to practice on at home but practicing at Harry's flat would be tougher. The good thing was your pole could break down and be put back together again so you could only practice days he was gone. One day he was supposed to be recording all day, so you decided to practice then. You started getting into a really complicated move where you were dangling upside down, and it looked sexy, but you just couldn't figure out how to get down. Then you heard the door open. Harry stared at you with his mouth practically dropped down to the floor. You didn't want to fall so you somehow spun your body around the pole and stood up, "Hey, that could work...", you thought to yourself proudly. Then you realized who was still in the doorway; Harry. He took a deep breath, "(Y/n).... What are you doing?". You sighed, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you this sooner, Haz. I like to pole dance, okay? If you want to leave me, fine, but I think it's-". He interrupted you with a long, hard kiss, "Babe, I don't care. I'm only mad that you've never performed for me before." You giggled and and put your thumb and index finger on your chin, "Weeeell, maybe I could do a private show for you sometime.". Harry's face lit up like a kid on Christmas day, "Yes! I would love that. Hey, did I ever tell you that you're the best girlfriend ever." You smiled to yourself, "I already knew that". You winked at him as you started putting the pole away.

Zayn: You and Zayn had an almost perfect relationship. The only problem was you weren't 100% honest about one thing. When you met, you told him you were a dancer, but you didn't tell him that you were a pole dancer. You were very good at hiding it and you didn't think you would ever have to tell him. You figured once he asked you to marry him you could finally quit the job for good. You were good friends with your co-workers and the job paid well, plus it was a good workout, so you decided to keep the job until you were married. Your friends didn't know either, though, that you were hiding your job from Zayn. One night before a show, you and your friends were messing around backstage. You were dressed in fish-net leggings, a black vest, black lace panties, and tall, leather boots. Plus, some random glitter here and there. Your co-worker wanted to surprise Zayn, so she took a picture of you dancing on stage then sent it to him before you went on. When you got off stage and started putting away your things you noticed your phone had tons of texts, mostly from Zayn, some from Harry, and a couple from Louis and Niall. You were curious so you looked through Zayn's texts first, your friend sent a picture of you pole dancing. Zayn's texts were mostly confused while the ones from Harry, Louis, and Niall were teasing you. You raced home to the flat and tried to find Zayn. "Zayn!" you called out. Harry was standing in your kitchen, "Wow, (Y/n), you are such a bad girl. No wonder Zayn likes you so much", he winked at you. You walked up to Harry and clenched his shirt in your first, "Tell me where he is, Styles." He pointed to the living room. You followed his direction and found Zayn laying on the couch staring at his phone. You quietly mumbled, "Zayn...". He looked up from his phone, "(Y/n)... Is this really you?". You took a deep breath, "Yes it is. I'll quit if you want Zayn, please don't be mad...". He cut you off, "Be mad? How could I be mad? You look so sexy, babe! How come I never get to see you like this?". You had a confused look on your face, "So... you're not mad?". He got off of the couch and put his hands on your shoulders, "Babe, If I was mad would I have texted this picture to all of the boys to show off my sexy girlfriend?". Your eyes grew wide, "Zayn?!! Is that how all the boys knew?!". He slowly took his hands off your shoulder, "Well, gotta go now!". He ran out of the room then hid behind Harry. You couldn't help but laugh at him.

Louis: There were no secrets between you and Louis; except one. You never told him how you were a pole dancer. You didn't want to know his reaction, so you decided to never tell him. You figured there was no way he would ever find out and if he did he might want to leave you, which means it was best kept a secret. One day you were both shopping in the city you both lived in. There was one store you were really trying to avoid was the athletic store because you were always in there buying clothes for pole dancing. Not for performing, just for pole dancing classes you taught. You had been to that store so often you got to know the employees and they all knew that you were a pole dancer. You took your eyes of off Louis for one second and next thing you know, he was in the store. You put your head down and walked discreetly into the store. You whispered to Louis, "Louis! C'mon I don't think you need in here...". You tried taking his hand and leading him out of the store but one of the employees noticed you. "(Y/n)!! Our best customer!!". You faked a smile and shrugged your shoulders at Louis as if you had no idea who that employee was. Louis squinted his eyes, "What do you mean best customer? You go to the gym, babe?". The employee answered for you, "She doesn't go to the gym? She works the pole, dude! And may I say she does an awesome job at it!". Unfortunately for you, Louis couldn't tell that the employee was gay, so Louis became infuriated, "Excuse me?! Care to explain, (Y/n)?". You gave the employee a dirty look, then put your hand on Louis' cheek, "I'm sorry. It's my job, okay? I'm only in here to buy clothes to practice in-". Louis interrupted you, "Because you dance naked right?!". You let out a little laugh, "No, hun, I don't. I wear clothes, okay? And this guy right here, he's gay so you have nothing to worry about. I only take classes... I don't perform for guys." Louis sighed a breath of relief, "Oh my gosh, (Y/n), don't you ever scare me like that again... now where do I sign up?!", he grinned cheekily.

Niall: The hardest part about dating Niall was him being busy all the time. You were always complaing to your friend who was a dancer that you were bored and lonely so she told you she was sending you a package of goodies. You were so excited when you got the package, you tore it open but then just stared at it with a confused face. It was an assemble-your-own-pole complete with a poledancing DVD. You raised your eyebrows and disbelief then decided to assemble because you had nothing else to do. Once you had the pole assembled, you tilted your head to the side and tried to decide how you were going to work your pole. You thought that you should try looking at the DVD first, so you popped it into the DVD player and tried to copy the moves on the screen. The girl on the screen did something where she jumped on the pole, wrapped one leg around, and swirled to the floor. You tried to copy her. You jumped on the pole but ended up hitting your face on the pole and falling onto your back. "Ow!!!!!!", you yelled, but no one was home to hear it. You put ice on your face and in attempts to stop the swelling but it wasn't working much. You packed up the pole and hoped that Niall wouldn't find it. Then you looked in the mirror; you had a black eye. Niall came home a little later and immediately noticed your black eye, "Babe, what happened?! Who did this to you?", he asked worryingly. You bit your bottom lip, "Me....". He scrunched his eyebrows together, "What? I'm confused...". You walked over to the closet, pulled out the pole, and pointed to it on the floor. He tried to gather his thoughts, "Wait... you're saying you were pole dancing and you did THAT?". You nodded embarrassingly. He burst out laughing, "I'm sorry, babe. I hope you feel better but please just don't try to do that again.". You laughed a little too, "I know... I guess I'm not really a dancer...". He then grinned at you dirtily, "Well... maybe you would be if you had some help.... from me?". He winked at you as he started setting up the pole. You just put your face in your hands, trying not to laugh at how ridiculous your boyfriend was.

Liam Oneshot for Jenny (thatreallyrandomblog)

You were away on vacation with your family. You thought it would just be a regular vacation, just a little getaway for a week but it turned into so much more. One thing that you really loved to do was exercise so your parents made sure that there was a gym at the hotel you’d be staying at. When you arrived at that specific hotel you were a bit confused seeing tons of screaming girls outside with giant posters in their hands. You looked a little closer and saw that it was about One Direction. “Great… they must be staying at this hotel…”, you thought. Truth is, you liked their music but you didn’t like their fans. The fans at your school we obnoxious and they kind of ruined One Direction for you. The fans at this hotel seemed just the same way. You got up to your hotel room, finally, and immediately changed into your gym clothes. You called out to your parents as you were walking out the door, “I’m going to the gym downstairs, bye!”. The fans  were still just as crazy but you didn’t let that stop you from exercising. You exercised for about an hour and started to pack your things up. As you were walking out the door you were too busy looking down at your iPod that you bumped into somebody. You flew backwards and dropped all of your things. You stood up quickly and brushed yourself off, you still hadn’t seen who you bumped into. The mystery person started speaking, “Oh my gosh- I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to-“. You were still a little angry, “Yeah, well, why don’t you watch where you’re walking…”. “Me? You’re the one who was looking down at your iPod not paying attention!”. His comment made you even angrier, you just finished gathering your things and you finally looked up to see who it was. You couldn’t believe your eyes when you saw Liam Payne standing in front of you, “Oh okay. So, maybe I might have been looking down at my iPod but what’s YOUR excuse?”. “My excuse?! I have tons of screaming fans trying to run me over!”. “Oh I’m sorry, must be so tough to be a celebrity!” You shoved past him and quickly walked back to your room. “Wow, celebrities can be so arrogant…”, you thought yourself. The rest of the day you just spent touring around the city and out for a nice dinner. You got back to the hotel sort of late, so luckily, not much of the fans were around. As you walked by the front desk, the desk attendant called out for you. You turned around with a confused look at yourself and pointed at yourself as if saying, “Me?”. He nodded his head and motioned you over, “I have a note left for by Mr. Liam Payne. He said to look for the beautiful girl with sparkling blue eyes and light brown wavy hair.” You rolled your eyes and took the note from him, “Thank you.” The note read, “Hi love, I’m sorry again for knocking you over. It was my fault. If I could make it up to you, would you meet me down in the lobby at 10?”. You checked your phone, it was only 9:30, “Well, I guess I could…”, you thought to yourself. You went upstairs and got changed, re-applied your makeup, and fixed up your hair. You looked even better than before. When you got down to the lobby, Liam was standing there with flowers in his hands, “Here, these are for you.”. They were beautiful red roses. You smiled sweetly, but you didn’t want to just be won over with flowers, “Oh, so is this what you do for every girl you meet in every city?”. He laughed a bit, “No. It isn’t. It’s not very often that I run into a gorgeous girl like you. Literally, run into.”. His comment made you giggle and flattered. He held out his arm, “Will you go on a walk with me in the park?”. He seemed so old fashioned, but you liked that about him. He didn’t seem like an arrogant celebrity, he just seemed like a normal guy. You wrapped you arm around his, “Sure.”. That night you spent a couple of hours walking around the park under the moonlight, getting to know eachother and telling eachother your secrets. When you reached the hotel, he took both of hands into his, “Jenny, I know we didn’t meet eachother in the best way, but I’m glad that I did meet you. And I don’t want you to be just another girl, I really want to keep seeing you.” You couldn’t help but smile at what he said, “Liam, you know, you’re a really nice guy. I was wrong about you. I actually do, really, really like you.” You expected him to say something back but instead he put his hand under your chin and kissed your lips softly. When he pulled away he smiled at you and slipped a piece of paper into his hands. It was his number. All of your previous judgments about Liam were wrong because now you were completely in love with him, and judging by the lust in his eyes, he was hopelessly in love with you, too. 

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Can you do a preference "They Find Out You're A Pole Dancer"? please (:

Sure, I will try to do this one a little later! xx

9. Your Friend has a crush on One Direction *Request*

Harry: You and (Y/B/N) were in love with One Direction. Every single song that was out there by them, you both had bought. Every TV appearance there was to be seen, you both had seen them. Every magazine available to you two, you both had bought. You loved that your friend could relate to your 1D obsession, the only problem was she liked Harry, too. And to make matters worse, guys always liked her better than they liked you. She was prettier, taller, more outgoing... she had it all going for her. Compared to her, you knew you didn't stand a chance with any guy. But, when it came down to the concert night you almost had forgotten all about that trouble because both of you had backstage passes. Her dad worked for a radiostation and managed to get you both in so although you were looking forward to seeing them perform live, you were really looking forward to getting to meet the boys after the show. After the show, you raced backstage with your friend, despite your efforts though, you were the last people in line. You figured that management would probably rush your meet and greet since you two were the last two. When it was finally your turn, you tried to stand next to Harry, but instead your "best" friend handed you her camera and pushed you out of the way, "Take my picture, take my picture!!" she squealed with her arms wrapped around Harry's waist. You forced a smile and agreed. After you took the picture you went to go stand with the boys but security wouldn't let you, "Sorry. That's all they have time for tonight.". Tears started clouding up your vision... you didn't even get to meet them, after all of that. You turned around and started walking away while your friend was too busy smiling, looking down at the picture. You heard somebody running behind you, then that same person took your hand. You spun around and looked up only to find that it was the Harry Styles holding your hand. You gasped, speechless. "I'm sorry you didn't get to take your picture with us, love," he apologized. You wiped the tears off of your cheek, "It's okay. I just really wanted to meet you...". He smiled, brushing a piece of hair out of your face, "Oh okay. My name is Harry and you are?". You laughed at how silly he was being, "I'm (Y/n)". "(Y/n), what a beautiful name to match such a beautiful face. Um... How would you like to hang out with the lads and I on the tour bus for a little bit?" You turned back to look at your friend who was still distracted by her picture, "Oh, should I-". He interrupted you, "Actually, if you don't mind... could we just leave without telling her? I thought she was a bit rude...". You smiled and shook your head happily saying yes as you walked to the bus holding Harry's hand.

Niall: How you met Niall was kind of a surprise. You had always loved One Direction but you could never go to any of your concerts. Your friend, (f/n), always wanted you to go with her but you couldn't afford it and ever since the last concert she went to, you haven't talked much since. You decided to call and invite her over to catch up, "Hey (f/n), how have you been? I was just wondering if you wanna come over today and just hang out? I miss you!" "Aww, hey (Y/n)! Sure, but I'm going to bring my NEW friend over, if you won't get jealous, okay?" "Um... Okay I promise not to get jealous...bye!" You friend was always the bragging type and always thought everyone was jealous of her. When she arrived you were shocked that her friend was Josh Devine. "Hi I'm-" he started. You stopped him, "Oh my god, I know you're Josh Devine! I can't believe you're in my house, you're such a talented drummer!". He laughed at how excited you got while your friend rolled her eyes. After a long afternoon of you saying things that made Josh laugh, it was time for them to leave. Before your friend left, she sighed and handed you a slip of paper, "This is Josh's number... he wants you to text him... maybe you should just date him." You were ecstatic that Josh gave you his number because he seemed really cool, "Thanks (f/n), but I don't know if I'd date him... he's more of a friend to me.". "Oh, I know. I wouldn't either. I'm just getting close to him so I can meet Niall, later!" Your mouth hung open, you couldn't believe she was using him. You texted Josh after they left and told him everything, he thanked you for that. A couple of days later you heard a knock on your door, it was Josh and somebody else... maybe your friend again. You opened the door but still couldn't see the other person, "Hey Josh! What's up? I'm so sorry about what happened... she's always been like that. I mean, Niall is an awesome guy, but that's not fair to you and-", you went speechless when you saw Niall step out from behind Josh. Josh laughed again, "Thanks, I appreciated that. But, the real reason I gave you my number is because I thought YOU should meet Niall, I think you two will really get along. Plus, I would much rather have him hanging out with you instead of (y/f/n) after knowing what she was up to." You stood there for a couple of seconds not knowing what to do, "Uh- Hi, I'm (y/n)... and you're Niall... obviously... Wow, sorry." You blushed, feeling like you were embarrassing yourself. Niall and Josh laughed together, "Wow," Niall said in between laughing, "You're right she is really funny, and cute!".

Liam: You were having a sleepover with (f/n), tweeting on your phone when all of a sudden you noticed Liam was having one of his famous twitcams. You yelled to your friend to get your laptop and turn it on. But of course, she signed in with HER twitter account. She kept tweeting hoping that he would notice, then you realized that you had your phone and you could tweet, too. "Okay", he said, "I'm going to follow the next 100 people that tweet!" Your friend started tweeting as fast as she could to him but since you already had a tweet written up saying, "Please follow (@f/t/n) and me! :)", your tweet was on of the first ones to get through. You and your friend both started jumping up and down when you noticed that Liam had followed you both. "Oh my gosh!", she screamed, "I'm going to DM him!!!". You just went back to watching the twitcam, you didn't want to bother him now. She DM'd him, "Hey Liam, I'm so glad you saw my tweet and decided to follow me ;) Who do you like better me or (@y/t/n)? :)". You couldn't believe your friend asked him that, "That's rude..." you said quietly as you gave her a disgusted look. She shrugged her shoulders, "Oh well.. I guess we'll find out soon who he likes better." You noticed that you had received a new DM and it was from Liam, it read, "Hi (Y/n), I'm sorry about your friend. She thinks that I followed her because of HER tweet AND she wants to know who I like better... You shouldn't have to put up with that. xx". He was so caring and understanding, he was just like everyone described him, you replied, "It's ok, I'm used to it, I guess. But, thanks for following me :)". He replied instantly, "Don't settle for less than u deserve. I'm gonna unfollow ur friend because she isn't that nice.xx" You giggled to yourself as you saw your friend freak out, noticing that Liam unfollowed her. You tweeted back, "You're really nice. Thanks :)". His response: "Next time I'm in ur town wanna meet up? I'd really like to get to know u. U seem nice." You blushed as you responded, "Yeah, I'd like that <3". And for months on, you continued to tweet each other back and forth secretly, never telling your friend about it.

Louis: You were the waitress at a local diner with your bestfriend. You both wanted to go see One Direction in concert badly that night but since you both had to work, you weren't allowed to. You leaned on the counter and sighed, "The concert would've ended about an hour ago and I'm still stuck here...". Your friend nodded her head agreeably, "I know, how am I supposed to meet my future husband, Louis?!". You rolled your eyes because she knew that Louis was your favorite, too. You went back to waiting tables, then you noticed that a group of 5 boys had just sat down. You walked over and looked around your apron, trying to find your notepad. You were still looking down when you started saying, "Hi, I'm (Y/n), What would you like tonight?". Then you heard an all too familiar accent, "Hey love, what's a beautiful girl like you doing working here?". You looked up and it was Louis Tomlinson and the rest of One Direction. You cheeks started getting redder by the second, "Oh... thanks.". You took their orders but tried not to tell your friend about it because you didn't want her stealing your table. A little too late though, you noticed she had already started serving them and taking their orders for desserts. You sighed to yourself and thought, "Oh well...". As you continued to wait tables you tried to purposely to keep walking past their table. As they were getting up to leave, you tried to walk by their table again, hoping they would notice you. Just then, you felt someone lightly grab your hand; It was Louis, "Hey love, I was hoping you would be the one to take our check so I could write my number down on it but since your friend took over, how about I just give you it in purpose.". You giggled uncontrollably, "Okay, My name is (Y/n), by the way.". Louis smiled as he finished writing his number down on your hand, "What a lovely name... I hope to see you soon.", he winked as he walked out of the door.

Zayn: You had just started dating Zayn and everything had seemed unreal. The only problem was your friend. She had a huge crush on Zayn and you knew it but Zayn didn't. You didn't want to tell Zayn because you thought if he had feelings for her too he would just leave you. So, since you couldn't tell him that when your friend chose to tag along everywhere you and Zayn went, you couldn't protest. One day, Zayn came over and you were planning a romantic movie night. You had the the lights dimmed, some candles lit, and a chick flick popped into the DVD player. The doorbell rang, it was Zayn. You opened it up and let him, he greeted you with a tight hug. He smelled so good. You showed him over to the couch and giggled to yourself, excited for one the evening had in store. Then the doorbell rang again. "Who could that be?" Zayn asked you. You shrugged your shoulders, "I'm not sure, I only invited you over." You opened up the door and it was your friend. She didn't even ask to come in she just waltzed right and sat down right next to Zayn, "Hey Zayn, sorry I'm late." Since there was no room left on the couch with Zayn, you had to go and sit on the other couch. You sat by yourself the whole movie, silent, while your friend was busy cuddling up to Zayn, although he didn't respond to her. When the movie ended your friend had to leave, thankfully. Zayn noticed you were upset and walked over to you, "What's wrong, babe?". You sighed, "Well, I wasn't going to tell you this but my friend has a huge crush on you. I understand if you want to be with her...". Zayn put his hands on your waist and stared straight into your eyes, "Don't you ever think that I would leave you for someone else, and no offense, especially her. If I had known what her motives were... I would have told her to go home. Don't worry though, she won't be joining us anymore, okay?". You smiled and threw your arms around Zayn's neck and pulled him in for a hug.

A/N: I didn't really like Zayn's but... maybe you will! xx

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can you do a preferences where you like him but so does your friend please

Sure, this is a good one! xx

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THAT ONE-SHOT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!! (That one with Harry and Nathan) THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! I LOVE YOU *insert gif of people happingly sobbing*

Awwww, I’m glad you liked it!! Thank you xx

Niall Oneshot for canadiandirectionergirl- He Gets Jealous

Niall: You had been dating Niall for a quite a while. You were surprised that management let you go on tour with him, but when they told you that you could go you didn’t question it. Everyone from One Direction had accepted you into the family which made you happy because you were most nervous about none of them liking you. The great part about being friends with all of them is that even when Niall was busy the other boys still wanted to hang out with you. Actually, sometimes even when Niall wasn’t busy, you still hung out with the boys. If their had been one person in One Direction, besides Niall, who you had gotten closest with, it was definitely Josh. Josh and Niall were best friends so usually whenever Niall was hanging out with one of the boys, it was Josh, which is why you had gotten so close to him. One day, during the tour, the boys had to go record a song. But, since that day they only needed vocals, the rest of the band was left to chill on the tour bus. And although management let you come on tour, they didn’t let you go to the recording so you were left on the tour bus, too. You walked over to Josh, who was sitting on the couch watching tv, and plopped down next to him. You sighed, “I’m bored….”. He wrapped his arm around you and gave you a hug, “Does a hug make it better?” He asked with a cute smile. “I guess…” you giggled, “What are you watching anyways?”. He looked up at the tv, “Oh, this really scary movie. I don’t know if you’d wanna watch it… it might be too scary for you”, he joked. You rolled your eyes, “Oh, please…”. He got up and walked over to the light switch, “Oh, so making it dark, doesn’t make it any scarier?” He said as he flicked the light off. You shook your head proudly, “Nope.” He laughed to himself as he sat down next to you again and wrapped himself in his blanket. You were a little bit cold because the AC was turned on high on the tour bus, it was apparently really hot outside. You took some of the blanket from Josh but had to scoot closer to him since there wasn’t enough blanket. You watched the movie for a bit but it actually started to get a little spooky. You brought your knees up to your chest and started biting on your nails, “No… don’t go into the closet… don’t go into the-AHHHHHH!!!” You screamed as you jumped onto Josh. You were so scared that you just flew out of your seat. Still on Josh’s lap you put your arms tightly around him, burying your face under the blankets, “Tell me when it’s over, tell me when it’s over!!”. When Josh didn’t say anything you looked up from the blanket. He was staring at something. You followed his gaze and noticed Niall was standing in the doorway of the tour bus. You got off of Josh and tried to smooth out your hair, “Hey Niall, how was recording?”. Niall looked angry but you were trying to figure out why, “How was recording?! Are you serious…? That’s all you have to say when I come back and find you all over Josh?!”. Josh tried to defend you, “Niall we weren’t doing anything, she was just scared! That’s all!”. Your heart started to beat fast because Niall’s look wasn’t changing. Niall fired back, “Oh, and what about the dimmed lights? Trying to dim the lights so you can put moves on my girlfriend?”. You finally spoke up, “No, Niall, he was just trying to scare me… you know… create a scary atmosphere…!”. Niall shook his head in disbelief, “Yeah, so that you would be all over him, and I guess it worked.”. You couldn’t believe how worked up Niall was, why wasn’t he believing you? You didn’t want things to end, not this way. He stormed to the back of the bus and you quickly followed his footsteps. You shut the door silently behind him. “(Y/n), I just don’t know how much longer I can do this. Seems like all you want to do is spend time with the lads and not me. And you were all over Josh.”. You were trying to be cautious with your words, “I’m sorry, Niall. I just thought it was important to you if I got along well with your bandmates. Josh is a really good friend and I didn’t mean anything like what you saw. All he’ll be is just a really good friend…. never what you mean to me.” You looked down at the floor as a tear fell from your cheek. You were expecting Niall to go off on a long tirade but instead he suprised you when he took your face in his hands and gave you a long, passionate kiss. Your lips slowly parted when you broke away from the kiss, still feeling guilty, “I’m sorry, Niall, I won’t-“. He interrupted you with another kiss, “Don’t say you’re sorry. Just show me how much I mean to you.”. And with that, you pulled his face back in for another enduring kiss. 

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